A long time ago when we were returning from a Nashville adventure, we stopped at a little place on the interstate just outside of Columbia, MO.  Imagine our surprise when we saw a sign at the gas station for the Sandbar, with an arrow pointing in the general direction of what looked like pretty much nothing.  What the heck, we thought, we weren’t really on a schedule, so our caravan of cars proceeded up a hill in the country to find this Sandbar. 

We weren’t entirely sure where we were going. The road kept winding up the hill, deeper into the country, and we were all getting skeptical of finding anything that resembled a Sandbar.  Just when we were ready to give up, however, we found it- a tropical oasis hidden away from the college town of Columbia.

This was an outdoor Sandbar, complete with a small stage, a sand volleyball pit, an outdoor seating area with lots of picnic tables, and even a small wading pool.


It was obviously not open when we were there.  The place looked totally deserted and didn’t appear to have served any customers in the recent past, but we thought it was cool nonetheless.