And we’re winners, again.

The Sandbar was featured in Pitch Weekly’s recent "Best of 2007" issue.  I think they make these categories up just so they can give awards to places like The Sandbar.

We were named home of the "Best Drink Trinket."  Here‘s what they had to say:

It’s only fitting that a watering hole called The Sandbar pours lots of homemade tropical concoctions with such names as the Pink Flamingo and the Bahama Mama. But best of all is the Shark Attack, a sweet, blue, vodka-and-sour-based refreshment served in a 16-ounce glass. In lieu of a lame umbrella or a stir stick, the drink comes with a plastic shark floating upright in the glass. He’s so cute, with his snaggleteeth and bent dorsal fin, that you can’t resist pulling him out of the "water." Do so before you take a sip, then carefully turn him over to release a shot of red syrup into your drink. A Shark Attack’s not done until there’s blood in the water. Shark Attacks cost $4, and little Jaws is yours to keep. Take home the pint glass, too, for just three more bones.
We love being in the news. And we do have the best drink trinkets.