We’re starting a new bulletin board at The Sandbar.

Yes, I know, there’s barely a spare inch of uncovered space on our walls, what with all the faded brown dollar bill, Jimmy Buffett signs, and pictures of every important event or person to ever grace the place, but we’ll find room. There’s a bulletin board up front in the bar, by the popcorn machine, that will work nicely for this project.

Here’s where you come in. We need pictures of you, your friends, your family, your pets- or whoever- as long as they are wearing Sandbar apparel. The stranger the location, the better. Did you take your shirt with you to Costa Rica? Europe? The Great Wall of China? No? That’s okay….we’ll take photos of you wearing your Sandbar gear in Oklahoma, too.

So, dig out your photo albums and find us some pictures. Some of them might show up here, too, on days when I have nothing else to post.

Thanks to Matt for suggesting this cool idea. And, here’s a picture of Danny on the beach in North Carolina to get this thing started.