Our location in Lawrence has a webcam, it’s been there for at least eight or ten years now. In fact, we were one of the first places in Lawrence to have a webcam. It’s up 24 hours a day, seven days a week- and all you have to go is log on to the internet, go to our website, and click on webcam. It takes a couple seconds to come up, and then you have a view of the bar.

Dave changed the angle of the camera few months ago. For years the camera has been at the front of the bar, pointed towards the back, so you could see down the length of the bar. Now, it’s in the back corner of the bar and points at an angle towards the front, with a clear shot of folks dancing on the bar. It’s not a super high quality camera with a clear view, which is fine. If you know a person, and know they’re at the bar, you can probably pick them out on the screen…but otherwise it’s pretty hard to tell who’s who.

A lot of people watch the webcam because they know someone at the bar. Dave watches it a lot from home, just to check on things and make sure the staff isn’t getting overwhelmed or too busy. And, jealous girlfriends of various staff members have been known to use the webcam. Some of the staff has been known to adjust the view of the webcam when they’re working. Other random folks apparently check out our webcam too. I found this link today for some guy who was trolling the internet for webcams and happened across ours.