The Sandbar has a fun new photo-op for our customers.

Img_0610_2 We’ve wanted to create one of these for awhile, and in Key West we found the perfect example.  On Duval Street there was a stand-up beach scene featuring a very buff, well packaged man and a slim, bronze, large chested woman. There were cutouts where tourists could pose their own head over the bodies.   

We took a bunch of pictures of the scene, and once we got home our artist-in-residence, Brother Pants, got to work painting a Sandbar version. We borrowed an overhead projector and sketched out the scene on plywood, and it took Pants about four hours to paint the couple on a beach.  It turned out pretty well. Dscf0436_2

The Sandbar even has a camera for customers to use. If you forget your own, you can just ask the doorguy/doorgirl/bartender to borrow our camera.  You’ll have to leave your driver’s license as collateral. Or, if the staff isn’t busy, they’ll go upstairs with you and take the picture for you.  We can even print out the photo for you on our printer, and for just $5 you have your own special souvenir of The Sandbar.

Watch for more fun cut-outs coming later, we have lots more ideas.