The Sandbar isn’t known for being a "college bar," but we still have a regular following among some college students once they turn 21.  Our customers tend to be more of the regular type instead of those who just drop by once or twice a year, and many of our regulars are more like obsessive fans of the place than just customers.  Katie and Sarah are two of our regulars who will be graduating from KU this upcoming Sunday. P1010449_2

These two love The Sandbar.  They sent us some pictures of their Christmas tree one year, complete with a shark from the Shark Attack as the tree topper and decorated with Bahama Mama beads.

Katie and Sarah would also like to announce the founding of the soon-to-be world renowned cabaret show that all began thanks to the amazing music selection at The Sandbar.  Their signature song is "Don’t Stop Believin’" by Journey.  The girls say they are looking for a venue to give them their official debut…so if you’re interested…they’re available.  Perhaps on graduation night they can do a cameo performance on the bar. 

Katie and Sarah had these kind words for The Sandbar:

As we approach our graduation (this coming Sunday) we would like to thank the Sandbar for providing us with the tasty support of Bahama Mamas and Shark Attacks throughout our time at KU.  We couldn’t have done it withouth you!

Well, The Sandbar wouldn’t be what it is today without friends like Katie and Sarah.  Our customers make it the fun place that we all know and love.  Thanks to Katie and Sarah for letting us know how much they love The Sandbar.  Congratulations to all of our "Sandbar graduates" as they finish school and start life in the "real world."  You know you can always come back to The Sandbar.