Mike is an old friend of Dave’s who also worked at The Sandbar.  Through the years I’ve heard lots of stories about the antics of these guys, and I finally got to meet the famous Mike a few years ago.  He was in town this past weekend for a wedding and was able to meet up with some old Sandbar friends.

When did you work at The Sandbar and for how long? 1994-95

How did you get the job? David Johanning was my roommate.

What are you doing now? I live in Chicago and I’m an account manager for Ricoh.

Last time you were at The Sandbar? Homecoming 2005

Favorite job (besides The Sandbar)?  None compare.  {awwww, thanks Mike!}

Favorite drink to drink?  Back then- beer. Now- a good Scotch.

Favorite drink to make? A great Bloody Mary.

Any specialty drinks you call your own? No, I just stole from everyone else.

Mike_dave_aj_2 Most embarrassing moment at the bar? Dressing up like David’s girlfriend for Halloween {that one is definitely another story for this blog- it’s hilarious} and Kevin busting me out publicly for my crush on a fellow Sandbar employee.  {note- he didn’t tell me who this mystery employee was….}

Favorite memory at the bar?  Censored- the names and actions have been concealed to protect the "not so innocent."  Second favorite memory- the Sandbar road trip to Colorado for the Buffett concert via North American TransPOtation, with the psycho bus driver, and planes, trains, and automobiles to get home.  Whatever happened to that lawsuit?

Favorite song on the jukebox?  Less than two weeks ago, I got a call from two past Sandbar employees. The message was "ooga chaka!"  So I guess "Hooked on a Feeling."

Song you never want to hear again? It’s been long enough, I can take any of them again.

Favorite bar dancing song? Shake Your Tailfeathers.

How many dollars do you have on the wall?  6.  I know that’s pretty weak, I feel shame.

Longest you’ve waited in line? Maybe 5 minutes- or right after the fire marshals left.

What was The Sandbar like when you worked there?  Tuesday’s "Dollar Anything" was still new, and it seemed like everyone who worked there hung out even when they weren’t working or drinking at the bar.  Hope that still goes on.  If current employees are enjoying Sunrise Club or Sunday Dinner nights, I think that would be pretty cool.

Any hobbies?  Golf, and recently…excessive drinking in March after the Jayhawks’ early exits from the tournament. I’m hoping to give that one up soon.

Random facts about you we’d be surprised to know?

  • I make a great Bloody Mary but I don’t like to drink them.
  • I have never drank a Sandbar Bahama Mama.

Mike’s comments brought back lots of memories for Dave and with that, lots of ideas for future posts.  It’s always fun to hear stories about The Sandbar from "back in the day," and see what’s different or the same today.