So what exactly is the Sandbar Hurricane?

It’s a 5-10 minute long extravaganza at The Sandbar that happens every night at 10 p.m., featuring mermaids, wind, rain, lightning, music, and dancing.  It’s different from anything else you will experience.

A mermaid is selected from the crowd, dons the mermaid costume, and steps up on the bar to read the poem:

Jimmy, Jimmy, my love of the sea

I miss you, I miss you, please come visit me.

My love for you will never pass;

No matter how long these hurricanes last.

I will wait for you at The Sandbar each night,

And believe that one evening, our hearts will unite.

After the hurricane is called in, the emergency newscast begins.  Sandbar employees and friends created the video announcing to Lawrence that a hurricane is coming.  Once the newscast finishes, the storm begins- sending wind, rain, and napkins all throughout the bar. After the storm is over, everyone hops on the bar or the bench to dance; our inaugural Hurricane dance was to a modified version of "Copacabana," recreated with lyrics suited to The Sandbar.


We normally have two or three mermaid costumes on hand, so more than one person can be the mermaid. And it’s not always a female. We’ve had plenty of "mer-men" stand on the bar as well, and they have just as much fun. It’s a great way to recognize the birthday girl (or boy), bachelorette, or any other member of your group.  The mermaid also receives a souvenir shot glass from The Sandbar to keep as a treasure.

Extra hurricanes are run sometimes on the weekends at 4 p.m. or 7 p.m., or depending on the whim of whoever is working at the time. Hurricanes can also be purchased at any time for $25.