This Friday, March 30, is a special event at the Crystal Plaza Theater in Ottawa.

All of our Sandbar friends are invited to the premiere of "Wild Hogs" as well as a pre-film party.  If you would like to attend, just request a VIP pass from the wonderful bartenders at The Sandbar (Lawrence or Ottawa) or The Lodge of Baldwin City. 

The event begins at 6:15 p.m. at the Crystal Plaza, where you will be escorted to the "Back Stage" of the theater.  We’ll have a pre-party sponsored by The Sandbar of Ottawa. 

If you haven’t been to the Crystal Plaza yet, it’s worth the drive to Ottawa.  This is a grand old theater that has been restored by Peach and Ted along with their business partners.  It has sparkling crystal chandeliers in the lobby, beautiful (and comfortable!) sofas, and two screens.  Movie Dave, who you may remember from Hillcrest/Dickinson theaters here in Lawrence, is the manager.  Something unique about this theater, though, is the "Back Stage."  A neat little room behind the two movie theaters, it’s a great gathering spot.  It has a stage and also a balcony area.  We’ve had several parties back there already and it’s great fun. 

So come on out this Friday to check out the "Back Stage," the new Crystal Plaza Theater, and the new movie "Wild Hogs!"