Kay was an employee at The Sandbar long before my time, but fortunately she pops into the bar enough that she’s still a familiar face.

When did you work at The Sandbar and for how long?  Started in March 1993 for two years.

How did you get the job? I asked Peach with a Bahama Mama in hand "Hey Peach, when I turn 21 can I get a job here?"  Needless to say, she screamed a bit that I wasn’t yet of age. I started the job the next week.  {if any of you reading this are underage, please know that The Sandbar is very serious about not allowing anyone under 21 in the bar.}

Image_246 What are you doing now? I’m the bar manager of a live theatre and I sell health insurance.

Last time you were at The Sandbar? Rarely now, but most recently in February for a post-bachelorette party.

Favorite job (besides The Sandbar)?  Limo driver or theatre bar manager.

Favorite drink to drink? Wine. {I’m guessing that she didn’t develop this taste at The Sandbar…}

Favorite drink to make? Wine.

Any specialty drinks? Wine for Kay.  {noticing a theme here?? get the girl some wine! it’s no wonder we don’t see her at The Sandbar much- we’re not exactly known for our wine selection}.

Favorite song on the jukebox? "Take It Back" by Jimmy BuffettDave_kay_nelson

How many dollars do you have on the wall? I used to have three, and a post card of me posing on the beach, and at least two dozen other photos.  I think there are two left.  Old school doesn’t always last.  But the yellow and red plastic Sandbar sign that we stole, ahem, acquired in the Keys is still there! {note to Kay…I’m pretty sure there are more than just two pictures of you on the wall…but they’ve been moved around quite a bit in previous years.}

Longest you’ve waited in line? I quit when I was asked to wait in line.

What was The Sandbar like when you worked there?  Fun, easy, new, and fresh.  Still stunk a little though.