It was brought to my attention by my peanut gallery that I failed to mention the best part of the float, or at least the most unique part of the float.

Have you ever seen a parade float that actually had a bathroom on board? And not only a bathroom….but separate men’s and women’s, with sheets separating them for privacy? Only on the Sandbar float would you find something so strange. 

Last year, like every year really, we lined up soooo early and ended up waiting and waiting for the parade to start.  Of course as soon as we were very far from the house, it seemed like everyone had to use the restroom.  A few people ran all the way back to our house to use the facilities.  Leah, however, the "runaway bride,"  marched right up to the house on Mass Street that we were parked in front of and asked the residents, who were hanging out on the porch, if she could use theirs.  They didn’t mind, and those of us on the float thought it was hilarious.

Our on-board bathroom actually did get used, too.