The Sandbar was hopping on the early Monday shift last night.  I think there was one actual customer in the bar, trying to enjoy a cold beer after work when the float participants invaded his peaceful evening.

We had float practice at 5 last night. The purpose of float practice is for everyone to learn the dances we do on the float. We also just like to have an excuse to get together and drink, dance, and eat. 

This year we have two new songs.  Usually we only have one "new" dance that people have to learn, and the other one is something like Car Wash or the Chicken Dance that everybody already knows. 

Our first new song is Proud Mary– but Tina Turner’s glitzy version instead of the more down-home original.  Coleen, Michelle, and I put together some fun (and easy) dance moves last Monday.  We try to keep the dance very repetitive so it’s easy to remember.  Here’s a video clip of our first new dance (and you can hear Morgan laughing in the background):

Our other new dance is Bandstand Boogie by Barry Manilow. Peach choreographed this one and taught it to everyone last night.  I’m having some trouble with YouTube right now, so I don’t have the link ready for that one yet.  I might have to re-upload the video. Maybe tomorrow.