Dave and Blair were invited to be the Masters of Ceremony at Sunday night’s Battle of the Cover Bands, an event that our friend Josh put together.

The show didn’t draw a huge crowd, but it was a fun group. And of course, in addition to the already scheduled entertainment, Dave and Blair performed for their fans. And they didn’t disappoint anyone.

When I got home from visiting my family on Sunday afternoon, around 6 p.m., these two guys had all three of our Halloween costume tubs out of the basement and the contents were all over the house. And we have a lot of costume parts like shoes, clothes, and giant afro wigs. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on- they had talked about doing some type of costume but didn’t seem to have any actual plans.

Dave was running late and took off for Abe and Jake’s without telling me what they decided to do. I was quite surprised to get there and see their performance. Dave and Blair went on after each band’s sound check, supposedly to introduce the band, but really it seemed to be more to just clown around on stage. And it got progressively… let’s just say worse…as the night wore on. I’m sure the alcohol consumption didn’t have anything to do with that.

They started out dressed as the Blues Brothers, read the rules and introduced the judges, and then did a little bit of Shake Your Tailfeather. Matching Devo costumes- these are getting used pretty heavily it seems- were next, combined with a little robotic dancing on the stage. And then came the sombreros. And ponchos. And they even conned some tequila bottles- full ones- out of the bartenders to use for props. Of course the giant afro wigs always have to make an appearance. The last costume change was into 70’s funk/disco attire.

If you didn’t know this already, the Sandbar crew loves to dress up in costume. For any reason at all. It really should be a prerequisite for employment, along with dancing on the bar. Things just seem to be more fun when we can dress up and be silly.