Back in 2001, Peach decided that The Sandbar needed some kind of an "attraction."  She thought that Disneyworld would be the perfect inspiration, so Dave and I, along with Peach and her son Andrew, flew to Orlando to experience all things Disney.

Since The Sandbar is a beach bar, a hurricane attraction seemed natural. And it would be the perfect foil to the typical Kansas storm- tornadoes.  Dave got busy figuring out how to put together an indoor storm and voila! The Sandbar Hurricane was born. 

Limo_2 Storm

It premiered in February of 2002 to a crowded bar.  We went all out for the premiere- a limo took the "stars" of the show for a drive around town and to The Wheel for cocktails before dropping everyone off at The Sandbar. The red carpet was rolled out and the stars were announced to the waiting crowd.

The hurricane proved to be a success, and we’ve now had three or four different newscasts.  We’ve also recorded our very own Sandbar song that is now used as the hurricane dance.  Each time we have a new video, another world premiere takes place.  We’re working on some ideas for a new video- it’s about that time.