Last night was the annual St. Patrick’s Day pub quiz challenge, held at 23rd Street Brewery.  We had two groups of four players each from The Sandbar, and there were lots of other people there who are regular visitors to our establishment.

One of the funniest moments of the evening came about halfway through the first round.  A team, not ours, picked the category "KU Hoops History."  Questions in this category are usually about record holders or national championship teams.  However, the question this team got was different:

According to the 10/15/1990 edition of the Lawrence Journal World, which KU basketball player has the worst rhythm?

As soon as Andy Bob, the announcer, read the date in question, I could feel Dave get excited- these were his years of basketball playing and he would surely know the answer. Just as quickly though he dropped his head and put on a poker face.  I nudged him and asked "Is that YOU?"  to which he said "yes."  At this point several other teams were looking at him.

Of course the team that drew the question was Blair’s, and they correctly answered "David Johanning."  Dave stood up, took a bow, and danced a little jig for the crowd.

The article that inspired the trivia question was written after the traditional "Late Night With Roy Williams" event that took place at the beginning of basketball season each year.  The players performed skits and dances to entertain the crowd before kicking off the season with a scrimmage. 

Kudos to Scotty Mac for digging up the dirt on Dave.

The critics have obviously never seen him do the Car Wash.