Happy New Year to all!

Last night at The Sandbar was great. Thanks to all who celebrated with us, and even more thanks to those of you who participated in our theme party. We loved all the togas- especially the glam black sparkly ones- and pajamas and prom dresses. And it was great to see some folks dress up who haven’t dressed up in costume since the age of six.

Blair and Danny wowed the crowd when they walked in for their 9 p.m. shift wearing matching red and white heart printed togas.  One was red with white hears; the other, white with red hearts.  It seemed to be a little hard to tend bar wearing 4-5 yards of fabric strategically pinned around the body; the boys required some touch up pinning throughout the night. 


Dave, as usual, spent some time coming up with a crazy costume that portrayed an actual person.  This time, he chose to live out the dream as Hugh Hefner.  For all you guys out there who like to be creative with your costumes, the JCPenney’s women’s section has been very good to Dave.  He managed to find a red silky robe to function as a smoking jacket, and with his black silky pants and pipe he pulled off the part.  Alas, no Playboy bunnies in sight (Thank God). 

Brooke and Ken came in opposite togas- she in the aforementioned glam black sparkly one, complete with a sparkly headpiece, and Ken in a white one that seemed to take on a life of it’s own by the end of the night.  Justin and Michelle arrived in style in white togas as well, with ivy headpieces.  Surprisingly, none of these togas fell off any bodies during the night, at least while I was there.  I did hear rumors of some pins being lost later in the night….

We had a prom queen and king in our midst….Morgan found a shiny purple taffeta number and added her own flair with hot pink tulle.  She even convinced Emerson to dress up with her as the prom king, complete with a mullet.


The best idea ever, in my opinion, was to spend New Year’s Eve 2006 in a comfy pair of flannel pajamas.  No uncomfortable fabrics, no worries about keeping body parts covered. And the best part- going home and going straight to bed without having to struggle out of a costume!

We have a new poll off to the left, and there are new pictures in the New Year’s Eve photo album.  If you have pictures to share with us, email them! We’d love to see the party from another perspective. 

Here’s a great new year!!