We had an outstanding response to our online poll about a theme for New Year’s Eve.  Thank you to everyone who gave an opinion, even if it was more than once (you cheaters know who you are Maynard.)

Drumroll, please….

We couldn’t decide.  "My Best Friend’s Wedding" got the most votes, so technically it should be the winner, but we loved all the themes and they all got a lot of votes, so we’re doing them all.  Yes, all of them.

Come as a bridesmaid, come as a prom date. Come in a toga, or come in your pj’s. (But for the love of God, please be decent). Or, be creative and combine more than one, or even all four themes, into one costume.  Bonus points for the best creativity- it could win you prizes like cardboard tiaras, horns, or beads. Oh wait- we give those away free on New Year’s anyway. 

Some of the crowd at our gift exchange were already figuring out how to incorporate more than one theme into their outfit.  I’m not going to ruin the surprise by revealing their ideas here, but there will certainly be pictures posted after the fact.

So put on your thinking caps and figure out what you’re wearing to our party.  We don’t like it when people show up to a theme party wearing regular clothes.  We’ll still let you inside, but we’d much rather that everyone come in costume. How many times in a year do you get to be crazy like that?

We aren’t sure yet what the cover charge will be, and we’ll probably have snacks available, but we don’t have details yet. More information will be posted as we have it.

One thing that’s for sure, though, is this: The Sandbar fills up early on New Year’s Eve, so if you’re planning on being there when the ball drops, you better get there early.