Marlin is the official Sandbar entertainment.

Marlin and his guitar frequently play at The Sandbar in Ottawa, out on the deck where there’s plenty of room for people to crowd around and listen to the music while they drink their cares away.

It’s not as easy to have live music in Lawrence, simply because the bar isn’t big enough for very many people, and most nights it’s just too busy.  But every once in awhile we’re lucky enough to have Marlin play on a Sunday night, when the pace is more relaxed and the patrons can appreciate acoustic music.

This Sunday, November 19, is Marlin’s next gig in Lawrence.  He’ll start around 8 p.m.  If you’ve never listened to him, come on down.  He plays a great variety of sing-along type songs, from Kenny Chesney to Simon & Garfunkel to Jimmy Buffett.  There’s no cover charge, and we’ll even have snacks.

Marlin and his wife Julie joined the Sandbar crew on our retreat last month, and we had a lot of fun telling stories and jokes while Marlin strummed his guitar and sang for us.  A very enjoyable evening under the stars, next to the fire.  We can’t give you a campfire on Sunday, but we promise you’ll still enjoy the show!