Boy, you folks really liked Dave as "The Hammer."  What is it about this costume that you like so much?  Is it the wig?  Is it the pose he struck in the picture?  Or, God forbid, is it the fact that he’s actually in his underwear of all things?

Some of you reading this may have been around that Halloween night.  Dave and I trick-or-treated my former co-worker that night, because she really wanted to see his costume.  He really did start out with black athletic shorts on, but they didn’t have quite the effect of a wrestling leotard.  So, nothing like your husband dropping his pants on a front porch on Kentucky Street.  After that we met up with a group of friends at The Sandbar- Slash, Medusa, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz among others.  We all had a few drinks and headed over to G Willikers, the restaurant that used to be located in part of the Salon di Marco building.  Once more, the shorts were dropped in favor of the underwear.  He even crossed Massachusetts Street in just the underwear. 

Honestly, it wasn’t blatantly obvious that he was wearing underwear as a costume.  Sure they were short, but he did cover up the waistband with duct tape.  But of course…everyone knew.  Mostly because it was so funny, we couldn’t stop talking about it. 

What was the best Halloween costume you saw this year?  What do you think Dave should do next year?  Leave us a comment and give your two cents.