One down, one to go. 

We find any excuse to celebrate.  Most of the time Halloween falls on a weekday, and a lot of folks don’t like to go out on weeknights.  When this happens, The Sandbar celebrates Halloween on the nearest Saturday, as well as on October 31.

Halloween011Last night was quite a party.  People got there early, and they stayed late.  There was a line at the door almost all night.  About half the customers were dressed in costume.  Dave and Blair, the late shift bartenders, dressed as Devo- the 80’s group that’s famous for "Whip It."   A last minute trip to Walmart gathered all the necessities- black turtlenecks to cut the sleeves out of; black pants to cut off for shorts; and glittery iron-on letters.  Dave made the red hats himself out of pink construction styrofoam.  Three dollar glasses from Cottin’s completed their stylish look.

Ken, Matt, Aña, and Brooke came as the TV show "Deal or No Deal"- Ken was Howie Mandel and the other three were beautiful blonde models.  Matt even wore heels all night, unlike all the other men in the bar who were dressed as women- like Chad, who stuffed his French Maid costume with kitchen towels.

We had a flasher; McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy and some other doctor types; a chicken strip; a saloon girl; Joe Dirt; a secret service agent; a German barmaid, and Cruella deVil.  Mr. Clean and Julius Caesar even made appearances.  A photo album with some of our pictures has been added to the sidebar.  We’ll be adding more pictures after our second Halloween on Tuesday. 

Come on back Tuesday night for some more tricks and treats.  We’ll have more Bacardi and Captain Morgan promotions and giveaways, and it’s $1.50 anything with a three dollar cover at the door.