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Dave manages to come up with a fantastic costume every year.  Usually he goes through three or four ideas before settling on one.  His streak of crazy costumes started back in 2001, when he wanted to be a pro wrestler.  It started because Will had left a brown mullet wig in the upstairs office, and Dave saw it.  It was the perfect hairstyle for a pro wrestler.  It wasn’t easy putting together this costume- imagine being 6 feet, ten inches tall, and asking athletic stores in town if they have a wrestling leotard (or whatever they’re called) that would fit you.  We got a lot of strange looks.  In the end, he settled for an old t-shirt with the sleeves ripped out, to fashion a white-trash style tank top, black shorts, and his old roper boots with the fringe removed.  Add the sweatbands and a toy hammer around his neck, and "The Hammer" was born.  What a long, strange, night Halloween was that year.

In 2003, along came Super Dave.  This costume was amazingly accurate in its detail.  White sweatpants and white windbreaker, with blue and red stripes of ribbon hot-glued on in just the right places.  Plastic goggles, and a white plastic helmet.  Gold stars. The television Super Dave would have been proud.

The next year brought the rock star out in Dave.  He impersonated Dee Snider, from the rock band Twisted Sister, right down to the blond crimped wig and face makeup.  Shouting out their songs while playing air guitar on the bar completed that look.

Last year was my favorite costume.  Who would have thought of being Buddy the Elf for Halloween?  Only Dave….He found a women’s extra large green fleece jacket at JCPenney’s, on clearance no less, and bought two.  He managed to piece them together to create the Elf jacket, and made the belt from black felt.  A blond curly wig, green felt glued to a pointy hat, and even black felt pointy pieces glued to some old black shoes added to the costume. 

The impressive part of this costume is that Dave actually did all the sewing himself.  Where did he learn to sew? I asked him that same question.  In high school, he sewed himself a pair of jams.  (remember those??!!??) He sewed them up without using a pattern, and apparently did well enough that he actually wore them.

Anyway.  It’s too bad Halloween doesn’t happen more than once per year, because there are so many cool ideas that Dave has for costumes. 

Stop by on Saturday or Tuesday night to see what he decided on this year!