The Sandbar crew is a unique group of people.  Of course if you’ve ever been to the bar, you know this. 

Peach started the Sandbar back in 1989.  One of these days we’ll post some stories from back in the day.  Dave has been the manager for long time- maybe 12 years? I can’t even count the years anymore.  He loves his job.  And he manages to put together a diverse, fun loving group of employees.  People come in all the time and ask for jobs.  He actually gets quite a lot of resumes from people as well- all about their past bartending experience, which bartending school they graduated from, on and on.  A lot of the people he hires, however, have no experience whatsoever behind a bar. 

Dave has an incredible knack for reading people.  He watches the customers.  He gets to know the regulars.  And the wheels are always turning, looking for that next great employee.  Usually he only hires someone who has become a regular customer. Someone who has fun when they come to the bar– dancing and laughing and drinking.  (It’s a big plus if they dance on the bar and get excited about the hurricane.) Someone who brings a crowd with them.  And someone who never causes trouble, even if they get drunk.  Most staff members "worked" at The Sandbar before they were actually hired- watching the door when the doorguy has to pick up glasses; hanging around at closing time and helping to stock the cooler; stuff like that. 

This blog will start spotlighting Sandbar staff- current employees as well as some of our notable- or not-so-notable- former staff members.  Is there anything you want to know about these folks? Email your questions.  You may find out more than you ever wanted to know about the fun crazy world of The Sandbar!

Here’s another pic from the Get Downtown! party that we received: