Looks like the Shark Attack is the favored Sandbar drink, at least for those of you who read our blog. It’s closely followed by our new Pink Flamingo.

1070703_imgThe Shark Attack has been served since the summer of 2003. Dave and I went to New Orleans with our friends Kevin and Lisa that summer and discovered a fun Sandbar-like bar on Bourbon Street called Tropical Isle. It’s about ten times the size of The Sandbar and had all sorts of fun Jimmy 1070706_img_1Buffett memorabilia.  Like us, the proprietors of this bar are all about fun drinks with toys.  Dave ordered a Shark Attack and was thrilled when it came with it’s very own toy shark.  A really big toy shark. But that wasn’t all- the toy shark was filled with grenadine (or cherry juice) that we got to pour into the drink ourselves!  Hence, the shark "attack."  We were in love and couldn’t believe that we hadn’t thought of a gimmick like that.

As soon as we returned home from our trip Dave came up with a recipe for our own Shark Attack, and we quickly found vinyl sharks from our Bahama Mama toy supplier, Fun Express.  We now order sharks by the case.  The drink became a big seller really fast.  And it’s not just a "girly" or "frou-frou" drink, guys like it too.  It tastes like a cherry limeade.  Besides, it’s fun to pour in the grenadine and sing the theme from "Jaws." If you haven’t had one, you should order one next time you’re in the bar.