Ahhh, Tuesdays. The dollar fifty anything special at The Sandbar.

For a long time, it was dollar ANYTHING. Three bucks to get in, and drinks for a dollar all night long. The Sandbar was one of the first bars in town to have dollar nights. Tuesdays at The Sandbar were a ritual for my friends in college. For at least two years I don’t think we missed a single one. I suspect there were many other groups of Sandbar regulars with the same schedule. Back then if you weren’t inside by 9 p.m., you were waiting in line for at least an hour. It may sound crazy, but waiting in line was actually kind of fun, since everyone out there knew each other. It was a party outside, minus of course the drinks.

Over the years the price of alcohol kept going up, and The Sandbar finally had to raise the Tuesday drink price by fifty cents. It’s still a darn good deal, and it still keeps the place packed.

Come on by next Tuesday and have a drink!