Several years ago we decided The Sandbar needed a gift shop.  T-shirts were already a popular item and since people love the bar so much, we thought they’d probably buy other things.

One of the surprise hits of this little experiment was our custom-decorated coconut bras.  I think it was Peach’s idea to stick Bahama Mama toys on the coconut bras, just for fun, and they were hilarious. E6000 glue will hold just about anything.  Coconut-bra-decorating has become a fun hobby for some of the female staff members.

Flip_flop_bra Jayhawk_bra Bra_2

Some of the more popular coconut bras have featured:

Compasses: So that even if you’ve been drinking, you can always find your way home.

Pinwheels: People have lots of fun watching these twirl during the hurricane.

Jayhawks: If the Jayhawks had won the national championship in 2003, I think the AP would have picked up the story of the Jayhawk coconut bras.  A reporter was asking about them, true story.

We’ve made all kinds of coconut bras- for weddings, Christmas, bachelorette parties, and practically any event that someone, somewhere could celebrate.  They’ve had candy, flowers, sharks, beads, and more glued all over them. They make excellent party favors if you need something unique.  Let us know, we can make as many as you need.

What would you like to see on a coconut bra?