The Sandbar jukebox is considered the best jukebox in town by many people.

Where else in town can you find every single Jimmy Buffett song on one jukebox? Or such a wide variety of oldies, 80’s, and country?

There are nights when the bartenders hear a song so many times they get tired of it. There are other songs that a bartender might hear on every shift, every time he works, over many years. These are some of those songs.

Brown Eyed Girl.
This Van Morrison oldie gets played nearly every shift and several times per day. Jimmy Buffett covered this song, and his version gets it’s fair share of play time as well. It seems to be a favorite of the ladies and often gets people dancing on the bar.

Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.
A country song, fairly new to the jukebox, this Big and Rich anthem is also a popular Sandbar song. In fact, we’ve started selling cowboy hats at the bar. Some of the bartenders originally brought their own hats to the bar to wear during this song, but the hats kept walking out the door with customers. We ordered a dozen to see if we could sell them- and by mistake, we ordered 12 dozen. A huge box of 144 cowboy hats arrived at this beach bar, and we weren’t sure what to do with them….but at $5 each they were great fun for groups, and sold so well that we’re on our second order.

Dancing Queen.
Another favorite of the ladies who love to dance on the bar. This ABBA song has been part of the jukebox for quite a few years. We’ve seen more than a few guys dance to this song, too. It’s especially popular for bachelorette party groups.

Car Wash.
Bartender’s favorite. One of the Sandbar songs that actually has it’s own dance, and it’s easy enough that anyone can do it. Every time this song gets played- at least once every night- the bar is full of folks doing the Car Wash. More often than not, the benches lining the walls are also full of people dancing. For some reason, the later it gets the more people dance…..

What is your favorite Sandbar song?