SANDBARRR: Live with Jason Barr

Last week, we got a message on our Twitter account from local artist/podcaster/gallery owner/man of many things Jason Barr. He wanted to drop by the bar and do a Q&A about current events with some of our customers for his A.D.D. podcast. We have no experience with podcasts, but of course we said "sure!"

The finished product was released yesterday on iTunes (it's free!) and we downloaded it right away. It was a pleasant surprise to hear the first guest was none other than Frank, Sandbar IT/web consultant and regular Guinness drinker. (It shouldn't have been a surprise. Frank is frequently at the bar during the late afternoon/early evening hours.)

Frank talked about politics with Jason. Next, a couple of Marines who were in the bar celebrating the Marine Corps birthday got on the show. There were even a couple of girls who sounded college-age and talked about the toys in their drinks. Quite the variety of guests, which is typical of our customers.

Go listen for yourself! You can download the podcast for free here. While you're there, be sure to check out Barrr's other podcasts, like Hall Monitors and Story Slam.

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Find Jason Barr at Wonder Fair Gallery in downtown Lawrence