The Sandbar on Instagram

Because we need yet another social media sharing site, right?

If you haven't heard of Instagram, it's a fun photo app for the iPhone that lets you take pictures, add cool filters and then share it on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. You can also follow other Instagram users, "like" their pictures and leave comments.

We set up an account a long time ago, when Instagram first arrived on the scene, but we haven't done much with it. Recently, we decided to check it out again and fell in love.

You might have noticed the pictures on our recent blog about the Tour of Lawrence street party, or the picture yesterday of the gifts we got from Katy. Those were all taken with Instagram, with funky filters applied. It makes our pictures look better.

We were also surprised that so many other Instagram users had started following us, despite the fact that we had posted no pictures in months. Thank you, friends! If you're on Instagram, find us- our username is thesandbar.

We promise to start using Instagram more often, and we promise to share some of the pictures with those of you who are iPhone-less.

More about Instagram here.