Homecoming pint glasses are here

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new pint glass design, but our latest one has arrived just in time for this weekend’s Homecoming festivities!

Dave created a football and Homecoming-themed design with batches in crimson and blue, especially for all our Jayhawk fans and friends who might be returning home this weekend for a visit.

As always, pint glasses are $3 each. And, you can bring one in every Thursday for $2.50 tropical drink refills! Doesn’t get better than that.

Homecoming pint glasses 2014 | www.thesandbar.com

Jayhawks, get downtown for Homecoming

Homecoming 2013 pep rally in downtown Lawrence  |  www.thesandbar.com

It’s no surprise that many of our current and former customers have ties to the University of Kansas—either as a student or staff member—since so many folks who still live in Lawrence have some connection to the school.

This year’s Homecoming celebration is coming up soon, and we hope to see many of our favorite regulars back in town!

You may or may not know that Homecoming is actually a week-long event, with activities that have taken place on campus since last Sunday. The big hurrah, though, is the annual Homecoming parade.

Last year, the parade moved from campus to downtown Lawrence—not an unprecedented move, as it’s been held downtown before—but one that we love. We love anything that brings more people to our beautiful neighborhood!

This year’s parade will once again be on Mass Street, but this year it’s on Friday night: tomorrow night! Stake out your favorite parade-watching spot and check out all the cool floats built by students.

After the parade, head down to our block for a pep rally. The band, spirit squad and mascots will be there, and we’ll have a beer tent set up. As long as you’re 21 or older with proper ID, you can drink outside that night. A DJ will play until 9 p.m., but we’ll be selling drinks outside until 11.

It’s also Final Fridays, the popular monthly art event in downtown Lawrence, so this area should be full of things to do and people to see.

Oh, and we almost forgot: our favorite former celebrity bartender, Mr. Rob Riggle himself, will be the grand marshal of the Homecoming parade! Will he step behind the bar again and sling a few drinks? Or pen another ditty on our bathroom wall? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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Wedding Parties and Hunters

Last week I promised more stories from Homecoming weekend, but I also wanted pictures, and unfortunately someone kept leaving the camera at the bar. 

I talked about the Bar Band already but didn't mention some Very Important People who stopped by to see them play. Peach and Ted, creator and long-time owners of The Sandbar, don't visit very often anymore because they're so busy running their other four businesses, plus a farm, plus family, and all the other stuff they're involved in. But every once in awhile they make an appearance, and Friday was one of those times.

The Bar Band was lined up outside and ready to play, but we had to ask them to wait until Peach and Ted could get here. They had some hunters staying at the Lodge of Baldwin City– Italian hunters here by way of Pennsylvania. Of course they had to see an indoor hurricane in Kansas while they're here!


(Just in case you couldn't tell who the hunters were, I drew a nice arrow and wrote their names on the picture.)

At just about the opposite end of the spectrum that night, we also entertained a wedding party. But not just any wedding party- the groom is the cousin of Hayley, our Wednesday (and sometimes weekend) bartender.

Chris is in medical school and lives in Colorado, and he got married in Lawrence on Friday. After the wedding and reception, much of the party traveled to The Sandbar, where of course the bride and groom danced on the bar in their wedding finery.


It's not the first time a bride and groom have been fun-loving enough to hop up on the bar and dance, and it probably won't be the last. It's always fun when the couple is part of the extended Sandbar family though. 

Congratulations to Chris and his new bride, and Hayley's family!

Friday Homecoming Fun: First Time Mermaids

Homecoming weekend at The Sandbar was tons of fun for all of us! Lots of old and new friends paid us a visit, and there are so many stories. We'll pick some of our favorites to share this week.

Friday night brought in a Sandbar favorite during football season: the Bar Band.  The performers showed up right before 10 pm and definitely didn't disappoint! We had a full house waiting to sing, dance, and clap along, and a whole bunch of people had to watch from their spot in line. It's truly a neat experience, and if you've never been in our tiny bar while a marching band plays the KU fight song- well, you need to add that to your list.

We had a special group of people in Friday night that I want to mention. Last summer, The Sandbar hosted a "tweetup," which is basically an off-line gathering of Twitter users and a way for them to meet in real life. It was a great success, and many of our Twitter followers come in on a regular basis. A spontaneous tweetup occurred on Friday night- it was suggested online during the day, and the group made it's way to The Sandbar in time to catch the band.

A couple of the girls from the group had never been mermaids before- and you know as soon as we hear someone say that, they become the next volunteer! The hurricane blew through the bar shortly after the Bar Band left, and Dave led everyone through the dance routines. A crazy boy even jumped up on the bar in the middle of all the girls and showed off his dance moves. That *never* happens at The Sandbar. 

20091009_ random tweetup_001020091009_ random tweetup_0011

After we all got down from the bar, I discovered that our friend Susan had never been on the bar before. This might not be surprising to you, but Susan has been coming to The Sandbar for at least a decade, I think! Proves there's a first time for everything.

More stories to come this week from Homecoming weekend, so check back! 

Peace. Love. The Sandbar.

Happy KU Homecoming Week! This year's theme is Peace.Love.Jayhawks.- borrowed and modified for this post's heading. Homecoming weekend likely means a stop at The Sandbar for many returning alumni as well as those of us who live here year-round. And we're all about peace and love here, too.

There have been loads of events taking place on campus all week, but if you can't be here until this weekend, there's still plenty to do according to the KU Homecoming website.

You'll want to wake up bright and early on Saturday morning. The annual Homecoming parade starts at 9 am on Jayhawk Boulevard, and there's a pancake feed on the lawn of Stauffer Flint from 9-11 am. And of course, the tailgating! Whether you go to an officially organized tailgate or put your own together with family and friends, tailgating is one of the most fun parts of game day!

The Jayhawks take on Iowa State on Saturday, and kick-off time is 11:30 am.

We don't love early game times because it makes for a really long day at the bar, especially after people have already been drinking all day, but it's better than a 6 pm game.

We normally open at 1 pm on Saturdays, but we're hoping to open up early this weekend. Not sure what time yet, but check our Twitter feed (also on the right side of this page) for the most recent updates.

As always, our Friday and Saturday drink specials will be $3 well drinks and $2 Dirty Banana shots. Lately, we've also been featuring our Big Wave Dave shots, also known as the Fail Whale for our Twitter followers, for $2 on both days also. 

Happy Homecoming and we can't wait to see all our old friends who are back in town this weekend!