Sandbar Wedding Picture

Sandbar fan Ashley emailed us this fantastic picture that her photographers, Heartland Photography, took on her wedding day a few weeks ago:


(I hope it's okay to use this picture here- Heartland Photography, if you want us to take it down, just let me know. It's just so fabulous we wanted to share it!)

You can go here to see the "sneak peek" of Ashley and Tyson's wedding pictures, which includes the one above as well as some other amazing pictures. 

And here, the photographers provide a slideshow of their favorites, which again includes the photo above along with a great shot of the wedding party inside the bar. 

Ashley told us "we also did *gasp* put on the mermaid costumes (we returned them, I promise) and took a couple more pictures." Clearly she's heard about the recent mermaid costume thefts! 

Congratulations on your marriage, Ashley and Tyson! And if anyone's looking for a photographer, check out Heartland Photography. We were blown away by the gorgeous pictures on their site!