Happy Birthday to Curtis

One of our very good longtime friends turns 40 today!

Curtis and Dave are buddies from their college days, and there's a whole group of those guys who turned 40 this year. Today it's Curtis' turn to celebrate the big birthday.

One of our memorable moments of Curtis at The Sandbar is from Halloween in the mid-90's. For Halloween in 1995, Curtis and Todd (another long time friend who turned 40 this year) dressed as Hans and Franz from the Saturday Night Live sketch

19951031halloween cmarsh 02 

They were so funny, and so popular, in this costume that we invited them to return in 1996- but this time as bartenders. Todd and Curtis spent some or all of the evening behind the bar slinging drinks for the masses, dancing on the bar, and generally behaving as "girlie men" all night.

1996halloween cmarsh_0002 

They certainly did pump the crowd up!

Today, Curtis has a wife and two adorable boys, and enjoys a job serving his fellow Jayhawks. All of us at The Sandbar wish him a super happy birthday, and if you see him anytime soon, buy him a drink!

(Photos provided by Curtis)