And the Stupid Keeps Coming: Broken Toilet+Sink.

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, and encountered our share of stupid behavior (see the stories about the attempted table theft and the graffiti on our building), the morons of the world proved us wrong.

Last night, someone thought it would be fun to not only bust the sink in the men's bathroom off the wall, but they also broke the toilet. We also know that someone was spotted in the bathroom taking photos of the damage last night, and we suspect it might have been the vandal. So, if you see pictures pop up on the internet somewhere other than here, please let us know!

Photo Photo(3)

(They didn't pull the toilet all the way out from the wall; but I didn't get a picture of it before Dave started working on it.)

So Dave spent Friday afternoon serving as the Sandbar plumber (minus the crack). Big thanks to Habitat's ReStore, though- that's where he found a new sink for a mere $15. Dave is the ReStore's number one fan. That's also where he found the ginormous roll of brown vinyl material that we used to cover our St. Patrick's Day float volcano.

We're hoping this is the end of the stupid. Things come in threes, right?

And to whoever vandalized our bathroom: please don't come back.