Graduation 2014 pint glasses on the way

Good news, graduates-to-be!

We’ve had a few questions about our graduation 2014 commemorative pint glasses, and we’re happy to tell you that these popular items will be here soon.

We don’t have an exact date yet, but as soon as they arrive, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Here’s a look at this year’s design:

Sandbar Graduation Pint Glass 2014 |

No, it’s not totally unique; you may recognize this design from 2011. But it’s good enough to recycle, don’t you think?

We’ve ordered these in both red and blue. So, if you’re still looking for a gift for the graduate on your list, stop by and pick one up!

Men Behind the Bar, Part Two

Some of the pictures from Dave's infamous Christmas gift made an appearance yesterday. Today, after a few more of the boys granted permission for their pictures to be posted here, I bring you a few more.


January: Joe, looking sharp with all his classy accessories, including the Rolex.


May: Danny, looking all hot and sweaty on a trail run.


August: Fyler. This might be the month where the calendar started to go downhill.


November: Frank. Everyone utters a collective "Whoa, Frank!" when they flip to this page.  He's our resident tech expert/website host/Guinness drinker.

There's obviously a few more pictures in the calendar. And they're certainly not more outrageous than these, but the boys haven't given permission for them to be posted online. If they do, I'll post them.

So, we're thinking of doing something like this every year now. Danny suggested a fundraising calendar. What do you think? Would you buy one? Would you prefer that the ladies be included? Let us know!

12 Days of Sandbar Christmas Gifts, 2010 Version

Last year we started a new tradition here on the Sandbar blog: helping you find fun, Sandbar- and beach-themed gifts for the holidays.

Here's our second annual version of "12 Days of Sandbar Christmas Gifts." We hope you like our suggestions!

Day 1: Shark Attack Bath Toy

Everyone loves our tropical drink toys, and we often hear about how you take them home to your kids for bathtub toys. Or play with them yourself. Well, here's an actual bath toy- but it might be a little scary for the kids.

Day 2: Instant Beach Ball

Bored or stuck in an awkward situation? Make it fun (or even more awkward) with this instant beach ball. It comes deflated in a decorated 3-inch can, but judging from the size of purses these days, it shouldn't be a problem for most of you to carry around.

Day 3: Snuggie Beach Towel with Sleeves

You knew it was coming- a beach version of the Snuggie. Take this to the pool or the beach and cover up while leaving your arms free to hold a book or a drink. We only wish it were more tropical-looking, with palm trees or flip flops on it.

Day 4: Puffer Fish Ornament

Everyone loves Homer the puffer fish. Now you can hang an ode to him on your Christmas tree- though this puffer fish looks more like a she, with her rhinestone bling for eyes and hot pink color.

Day 5: Funny Flamingo Slippers

Your kids love our inflatable pink flamingo koozies- now they can have their own funny, fluffy flamingo slippers. And this is a flamingo you can't claim as your own, because they only come in kid sizes. A great way to share some tropical love with the kids.

Day 6: Beach Ball Desk Game

Here's a snow-globe like desk game with a tropical flair. When you need a break from work, shake the globe to try to get the beach ball into the hammock.

Day 7: Palm Tree Shaped Electric Fan

Because everyone needs a metal sculpture of a palm tree with a working fan inside it. It's a beautiful and innovative piece of home decor, after all!

Day 8: Muscle Beach or Bikini One-Piece Bodysuit

These pieces of apparel rightfully come from a place called "What on Earth." Just in case you NEEDED a one-piece romper that snaps and also turns your fleshy body into a toned six-pack.

Day 9: December Diamonds Mario Merman Ornament

Everyone knows we love mermaids, and there's plenty of mermaid paraphernalia on the internet. But how about mermen? Not as much. We particularly love this ornament, especially because the guys seem to like dressing up as a mermaid at least as much as the gals do.

Day 10: Surfboard Picture Frame

This surfboard picture frame reminds us of our popular shotski, with its multiple photo openings lining the surfboard. Hang it on your wall and remember all the fun times. Even better, put pictures of people doing the shotski in it.

Day 11: Flamingo Key Chain

Here's an inexpensive stocking stuffer for the pink flamingo lovers- a pink flamingo keychain made from glass beads. Too expensive to give you with our tropical drink, though.

Day 12: Aloha Gorilla Costume

For our final offering, we present the Aloha Gorilla costume. Instead of Santa, why not dress up as a giant grass skirt and coconut bra-wearing gorilla, complete with a lei? The only thing stranger would be the Holiday Armadillo.

We hope you've enjoyed checking out our 12 Days of Sandbar Gifts as much as we enjoyed scouring the internet for them. Happy gift-giving!

What’s The Best Gift You Gave This Year?

Lots of people talk about the gifts they got for Christmas (or whichever holiday they celebrate this time of year), but you don't hear very many people talking about the gifts they gave to someone else.

I posed the question on The Sandbar's Twitter page last week:

What's the best gift you are giving someone this year?

I got lots of responses from people and they were fun to read! Here are some of them:

  • The Big Buck Hunter game for a boyfriend
  • Homemade banana bread that is now requested every year (can we get some of that?!)
  • A new guitar for a brother
  • Batman Arkham Asylum for a boyfriend
  • A drum set for a 4 year old nephew (uncle is now banished from the family!)
  • The book "For Jayhawk Fans Only" for parents
  • Basketball tickets
  • Sweet shoes
  • My time and patience (might be the hardest of all for some of us!)
  • A Nebraska Cornhuskers snuggie for a stepmom

What about you? Add your favorite gift in the comment section. It doesn't have to be expensive or creative or particularly spectacular…just the one thing you gave someone that was perfect.

12 Days of Sandbar Christmas Gifts

Twelve extremely cool Sandbar themed gifts would seem like an easy blog idea, but I have to admit it came to me in a very roundabout manner.

The other day at my "real job," I got a rare spam email. I say spam only because it was an unsolicited email from a company I've never heard of, but it wasn't anything sneaky or poorly spelled. It happened to have pictures of cute socks, so I clicked to their website and promptly fell in love.

Hence, the inspiration for "12 Days of Sandbar Christmas Gifts."

Day 1: Shark Bite Socks

Anyone who loves our famous Shark Attack drink needs a pair of these socks. How could you not smile when wearing something like this?

Day 2: Palm Tree & Coconuts Salt & Pepper Shaker

I died laughing when I saw this set- it's exactly the sort of cheese that we love at The Sandbar and would be a perfect gift for our annual holiday gift exchange. Somehow I think boys, especially, might like this one.

Day 3: Pirate Lego Magnets

We love all things pirate. And who doesn't love Legos? They even have real magnets so you can keep them on your fridge or your file cabinet or wherever else they'll stick.

Day 4: Parrot Christmas Holiday Tree Art Thing

Not really sure where to start with this one. Most of the 12 days of gifts are things I'd dearly love to own. Not so much this one. It's rather unique. I suppose if you like to feed the birds, and you like parrots, and Santa, then you might like this. (It kind of looks like a rainbow-ish Jayhawk, too).

Day 5: Tiki Tissue Box

Can't get enough of the Sandbar hurricane and Tiki Ted? Get a Tiki Tissue Box. This box is sized to hold a standard tissue box, and he'll blow Kleenex out his nose. Really, I can't make this stuff up.

Day 6: Mermaid Cookbook

Need a gift idea for kids (or fun-loving adults)? Check out this mermaid cookbook, with recipes like Sea Foam Foats and Goldfish Gorp. I actually own this cookbook (thanks to Michelle!) and can vouch for it's coolness.

Day 7: Jimmy Buffett's new CD, Buffet Hotel

I should be slapped upside the head with a giant vinyl shark for forgetting that this CD was released just a few days ago (December 8, to be exact). Jimmy Buffett, hero of everyone who needs a little escape from life now and then, has another new CD just in time to fill your stockings.

Day 8: Beer Chapstick

Some of the options above a little too spendy for you? This stocking stuffer will set you back about the price of a drink. Yum, beer flavored kisses.

Day 9: Great White Shark Slippers

For all the shark lovers out there, here's a little something for your feet to keep them warm. I wonder if these come in Dave's size…

Day 10: The ShotCarver

Make your own shot glass using a piece of fruit and this little gadget. See, I'm helping you find ways to make drinking alcohol just a little bit more healthy.

Day 11: My Little Sandbox

Need a reminder of the beach for your desk? A toy for the kids when they can't go outside? Here's your very own tiny sandbox to play with when you need some stress relief.

Day 12: Mermaid Wine Bottle Holder

Our last gift in the series. A hand cut, hand finished, colored steel mermaid is ready to hold your favorite wine bottle. Ironic, a little, since we're not exactly a wine bar. But it's a neat gift anyway.

We hope you enjoyed our 12 Days of Sandbar Christmas Gift series! We'll do it again next year.