Forbes Blogs About The Sandbar

So, the other day I was checking out our Google Analytics info, which I don't do nearly as frequently as I should, mostly because I haven't taken the time to really understand why it's so important.

I found a reason: you never know who might be talking about you on the internets.

I noticed a large number (okay, 30 or so) of visits coming from Forbes. Yes, that Forbes- the site with "information for the world's business leaders." Why in the world would Forbes be directing people to a tiny little bar in Kansas' website?

I followed the link and found a blog about webcams– and more specifically, why webcams are a voyeur's delight.

The article was really a warning to people who have webcams that really aren't intended to be public- like a security camera for a jewelry store- and the author wrote about how easy it is for someone to find public webcams and potentially rob your store.

At the end of the blog, the author concedes that some places actually want people to watch their webcams- and mentions a little bar in Lawrence, Kansas, called the Sandbar. And, of course, includes a link to our webcam.

Pretty cool that we ended up mentioned in an article on Forbes!