RIP, Homer the Puffer Fish

Sad news for Sandbar fish fans.

Homer, our large puffer fish, died yesterday. Homer was a resident of our fish tank for eight years, and he lived in a tank at Jayhawk Tropical Fish for eight years before that.

HomerNo Homer! Leave my drink alone!

Here's a couple pictures of Homer, courtesy of mayor of the Sandbar Jeff.

You may or may not know that Homer was our second puffer fish. Our original puffer fish was Frank, who oddly enough also lived eight years in our tank, and may or may not still be in Coleen's freezer. He was so popular that when he died in 2003, we knew we had to get another puffer fish.

Go here to read an ode to Frank in the Tank. If you'd like to write a similar poem about Homer, go for it. Send it to us and we'll publish it, or leave it in the comments.

Also, if you have your own photos of Homer, we'd love to see them. You can upload them to our Facebook page, our Flickr group, tweet them to us @thesandbar or email them to us at Homer can live on in an online memorial. He'll be buried at Peach and Ted's farm.

Homer the Puffer Fish

Our ginormous fish tank is a big attraction. Often, people who are walking by the bar in the middle of the day will see it and come in so their kids can check out the fish. People name the fish, talk to them and sit and watch them for hours.

Lots of people like to take pictures of the fish. It's hard to get a good one- it's almost like they know you're trying, so they hide. Or they move around so fast you can't get a decent shot.

Our friend Jeff, the official photographer of our 21st birthday bash last summer, took this picture of Homer the puffer fish last night using the cool Instagram app on his phone:


You can see the picture on Flickr, along with more of Jeff's pictures, here

Do you have pictures of our fish? We'd love to see them! Because we can't manage to get a decent one ourselves.