Door Diaries 9/10/09

Doorboy Andrew had a very strange and funny experience at the door one Thursday night. I believe this might be a first in Sandbar history- heck, maybe in any Lawrence bar's history.

He's hanging out at the door, doing his thing. Carding people, picking up glasses, and probably picking on Dave. A young lady walks up to the door and presents her ID.

Andrew looks at it, and looks again.

"This isn't you," he said.

"Okay," she sighed, "let me tell you the truth- I loaned my ID to my friend so I don't have it right now."

She proceeds to pull out credit cards and all sorts of other items with her real name and information on them- along with her expired (yet real) driver's license.

The funniest part?

She's 21.

Yes, folks, this is the first time we've ever heard of someone who is legally of age to come in the bar present a fake ID to try to get in. 

However, since she presented false identification, and couldn't produce a legal, unexpired driver's license, Andrew did not let her enter. Instead, he told her to retrieve her ID from her friend and come back another time.