Help Wanted!

Looking for a job? Know someone who needs a job? No, we're not hiring bartenders- we get plenty of resumes and phone calls already for the positions we don't have available- but we have information on a couple of places that need employees.

Sandbar Sub Shop

Our sister store, the Sandbar Sub Shop, is opening a new location in Lawrence. We've partnered with another locally owned business, Zarco66, to franchise the Sub Shop in all of their locations. They've got one open in Ottawa already, and the Lawrence location is scheduled to open next month. Which means we need employees!

Zarco66/Scooter's Coffeehouse

Our friends at Zarco66 also have some jobs available.

  • Manager, Scooter's Coffeehouse, 9th & Iowa. Early morning to late afternoon hours.
  • Manager, Zarco66 gas station, 9th & Iowa.

If you're interested in any of these positions, or know someone who is, contact our fearless leader Peach. She is helping Zarco66 fill all the jobs, and she can be reached by email at

Potential employees must be able to handle money, and they must be NICE!

Pass the word on to your friends so we can get these jobs filled! Be sure to tell Peach you saw the announcement on the blog!