Rock Chalk Jayhawk

The hometown Kansas Jayhawks played in the NCAA Tournament's Elite Eight today, and sadly lost a spot in next week's Final Four with a devastating loss to VCU.

Dave opened the bar early today; normally we don't open until 5 p.m. on Sundays, but this was a special occasion. Tip-off was at 1:20 p.m., and we were there at 12:30 to welcome friends and fans for the game.

The Sandbar isn't much of a sports bar; we don't serve food and our TV's aren't exactly of the ginormous variety, but we had a good crowd of staff, friends and regulars for the game.

Of course, we were counting on a Jayhawk win and a huge crowd of people descending on Mass Street, but that didn't happen. We were surprised, however, that after the game our business actually increased. Other businesses around town apparently reported a drop in business immediately following the game (see this article from the Kansan) but within an hour of the game's end, the Sandbar was full.

Our friend Caroline posted this on Twitter, and we think it represents the afternoon well:

It feels like a Saturday. @thesandbar is packed. Lots of KU fans nursing our sorrows.

Thanks to everyone who came by today, we appreciate your business!