New Tropical Drink Trinkets

Dave ordered some new tropical drink trinkets, and some of them are brand new to us- meaning you don't have these in your collection yet!

Photo(5) Here's a picture. We've got balloon racers, little cars with balloons attached to them. You can blow up the balloon and then race the car on the tables or the bar.

There's a couple new keychains: a smiley-face heart and a light-up goldfish. We've also got plastic rings with dinosaurs on them.

And the weird-looking things in the picture are finger lights. You may have seen the bartenders wearing these behind the bar, acting like they're at a rave or something.

The finger lights have an elastic band to wrap around the finger, and a switch to turn on the light. Now, since these are a little more expensive than our usual toys, the finger lights are only available as a free drink toy on nights that tropical drinks aren't on special (meaning you won't get them on Tuesdays or Thursdays).

Stop by and get your new trinkets!