Halloween at The Sandbar

We're mostly recovered from the long Halloween weekend- our party bus extravaganza, the pre-party on Saturday and the actual holiday Sunday.

We recapped our Rocky Horror festivities already, and you can find pictures on our Facebook page and Flickr. Unfortunately, your reporter on all things Sandbar was tired on Saturday, so I didn't take very many pictures of the Halloween party. 

Dave, as usual, came up with a fantastic and unique idea: a rodeo clown. Complete with a cut-off pair of size 62 jeans, rainbow suspenders and face paint. Andrew was a nerd; John was a Top Gun character. Almost everyone in the bar was in costume, too. We had cheerleaders, baseball players, Lucille Ball, Dora the Explorer, Fred Flintstone and a viking woman. Princess Leia and Obi-Wan-Kenobi even made an appearance. As usual, we forgot to do any sort of costume contest. As usual, no one noticed.


Halloween night, sadly, was slow. We had some repeat customers from the night before, and even some folks who wore three different costumes, three nights in a row. Bartender Fyler was a shark! Apparently his mom made a shark costume for him long before he ever worked at the Sandbar; it must be fate.

Best costume of the weekend, from my perspective: Tom and Kara as Angry Birds, even though they didn't actually stop by the Sandbar. But they made the costumes themselves, and at the last minute on Saturday.


For those of you unfamiliar with Angry Birds, it's an apparently highly-addictive game you can play on a smartphone.

We'd love to see your Halloween pictures. E-mail them to us at sandbar@thesandbar.com, or upload them to our Facebook page.

Best Halloween Costume: Shark Attack and Bahama Mama

We've long since forgotten about Halloween with all the other holidays and costumes that have occupied us since October. Until the other night, when customer Devin told Dave about his Halloween costume last year.

Devin and his friend dressed up in the ultimate Sandbar fan costumes: a Shark Attack and a Bahama Mama! Devin kindly sent us pictures of their attire and gave us permission to post here for the world to see.

20091031_halloween devintenney_0002 20091031_halloween devintenney_0003 

The guys took vinyl sharks and rubber duck toys from actual Sandbar drinks and attached them to their shirts, complete with "blood" for the Shark Attack costume. Grass skirts and hats and beads rounded out the costumes.

Great job and kudos for your creativity! Thanks for sharing!