The Men Behind the Bar

The Sandbar boys put together a fairly amazing gift for Dave this year: "The Men Behind the Bar," a calendar full of fun and sometimes outrageous pictures of the male bartenders, along with a few regulars.

We've talked about making a Sandbar calendar for a long time. Andrew finally came through and accomplished the task, and it was a huge hit. A second copy of the calendar made its way into our white elephant gift exchange, and we've talked about ordering more copies to sell.

Here's a glimpse at a few of the pictures in the calendar.


April: Sandbar art director Brother Pants, painting himself. He also conveniently marked his birthday in that month so Dave would never forget it. Even though their birthdays are a day apart.


July: Dave himself, floating the day away in his pool with his dog.


September: Tyler, our fearless bar band leader posing with his instrument of choice. For his white elephant gift, Tyler brought an autographed copy of this picture, along with the robe he wore in it.


December: Blair. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this one, since the joke is on me too. But I figured it's funny and fairly harmless. This picture is from our staff Christmas party a couple years ago when everyone wore ugly Christmas sweaters and other stuff.

So, there you have a peek at four of the pictures from the now-legendary calendar. I was nice and asked the boys for permission to put their pictures on the internet. Of course, these were the first ones who said "Yes! Show it to the world!"

Perhaps we'll post more later.

Phil & Heather’s Annual Holiday Party

Here's a quick guest blog from long-term Friday bartender Heather. She kindly included a few pictures she snapped at Friday's holiday party. You can see more pictures on our Flickr page or our Facebook page.

Every year Phil and I like to celebrate the holidays with a little holiday cheer.  For us that means adult egg nog and snacks. This year our Sandbar friend, Vicki, was kind enough to bring some homemade cookies and they were yummy.  Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get any because I ate over half the plate!  Enjoy the pictures and we hope to see you soon.




Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday for Phil & Heather's annual party! It was a great night and a full house, and we appreciate your business!

Annual Sandbar Staff Holiday Extravaganza

Last night brought one of our favorite nights of the year- the annual Sandbar staff holiday party. (We have lots of favorite days and nights of the year, if you haven't noticed.)

Every year on a Sunday night just before Christmas, the bar closes to the public for a few hours so our staff can celebrate the holidays, our friendships and another great year at the bar.

20101219_sandbar_christmas_party_0054 20101219_sandbar_christmas_party_0028

We eat, we drink and we open presents! The "white elephant" gift exchange has become a highlight of the party. Some gifts are serious (pretty candles, wine and lottery tickets) while others are total nonsense (ceramic gorillas, toilet seats and broken VCR's.) This year was no exception. Some of the gifts that made an appearance:

  • The drink "butler"- an outstretched hand that cups a glass and is battery-operated, so the butler brings the drink across the table to you. It even knows to stop at the edge of the table.
  • A giant ceramic Admiral Lord something-or-other mug.
  • A camo-patterned Snuggie.
  • A gold lame thong.
  • "Manifold Destiny! The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car's Engine!" written by Chris Maynard, and unwrapped by none other than Chris Maynard, former Sandbar-tender.
  • A giant poster of Dave and Justin dressed in wedding finery, from bartender Heather's wedding to Ken last spring.

The costume contest followed the gift exchange. Not as many people dressed up as last year, when practically everyone was wearing some sort of Christmas character costume. This year, we recycled our costumes from SantaCon and filled the bar (sort of) with Santas.

IMG_0810_0206 IMG_0812_0209

Sexy Santa Michelle and Run D.M.C. Santa Todd split the first place prize, judged by Ted and Andy.

The rest of the night was filled with lots of drinking, dancing and pure entertainment. Especially from the revolving cast of boys behind the bar.

 Check out more pictures on our Flickr page or our Facebook page.