Trivia Refresher

Have you participated in our Tropical Thursday Buzztime trivia contest?

We've been holding this competition on Thursdays from 6-8 pm for several months now, and it's been pretty popular with our customers. We only have 10 Playmakers for people to use, and most Thursdays they are all in play- either by single players or groups.

It took us awhile to figure out how to score this competition. There are six trivia games during our contest, and Buzztime shows everybody's score after each game. But, they don't total scores over those two hours, and if there are ten people playing it's impossible for someone to write down everybody's score each time. We struggled for several weeks and we're grateful to the players who were patient with us while we tried out different scoring methods.

Peach finally came up with a great way for us to pick a winner based on her experience with horse shows of all things. We have a whiteboard at the bar with a chart on it, and after each game the top three players are written on the board. 


For each first place finish, the player gets 5 points; 3 points for each second place finish, and 1 point for each third place finish. No points are given for any other place. At 8 pm, when all six games are over, the points are tallied. Whoever has the highest number of points wins the prize for the evening. Currently the prize is a Sandbar t-shirt.

There's another element of competition here, too. Not only are the players competing against each other (and all the people playing Buzztime around the nation), but we have a weekly challenge with the folks at Sandbar Ottawa. Whichever location gets a higher ranking in the network top 20 at any point during the night wins, and the bartender buys all the players a round of Dirty Bananas.

We tried to challenge Heroes Sports Bar in Wichita one week. They showed up regularly in the network top 20, and we connected with them on Twitter to issue a challenge. Apparently we scared their players with our smarts, though, because they left halfway through the game.

If you haven't been by to check out our Buzztime trivia game, come by! It's available to play anytime, or come in on Thursdays at 6 for our (sort of) organized contest! Get there early to get a Playmaker, and you might have to double up on teams so everyone can play.