Dave and the Downtown Lawrence Inc. Board

It seems like every time a member of the Sandbar family is in the news, another one or two follow right along.

Dave is starting his third year as a member of the Downtown Lawrence Board of Directors. The LJW had a little blurb about the new additions to the board, as well as the continuing members.

If you have ideas, suggestions, complaints, or whatever about Downtown Lawrence, feel free to send them his way. He can at least take your thoughts to the board.

It doesn't seem like it was January of 2008 when Dave started this foray into board membership. It's been an interesting two years for him, learning about the inner workings of an organization and getting up at the crack of dawn the morning after he's worked all night in order to make a 7:30 a.m. meeting. At least they're only once a month.

However, as I look back at the original post announcing his election to the board, I think we can all agree that he really hasn't changed that much.