Wedding Parties and Hunters

Last week I promised more stories from Homecoming weekend, but I also wanted pictures, and unfortunately someone kept leaving the camera at the bar. 

I talked about the Bar Band already but didn't mention some Very Important People who stopped by to see them play. Peach and Ted, creator and long-time owners of The Sandbar, don't visit very often anymore because they're so busy running their other four businesses, plus a farm, plus family, and all the other stuff they're involved in. But every once in awhile they make an appearance, and Friday was one of those times.

The Bar Band was lined up outside and ready to play, but we had to ask them to wait until Peach and Ted could get here. They had some hunters staying at the Lodge of Baldwin City– Italian hunters here by way of Pennsylvania. Of course they had to see an indoor hurricane in Kansas while they're here!


(Just in case you couldn't tell who the hunters were, I drew a nice arrow and wrote their names on the picture.)

At just about the opposite end of the spectrum that night, we also entertained a wedding party. But not just any wedding party- the groom is the cousin of Hayley, our Wednesday (and sometimes weekend) bartender.

Chris is in medical school and lives in Colorado, and he got married in Lawrence on Friday. After the wedding and reception, much of the party traveled to The Sandbar, where of course the bride and groom danced on the bar in their wedding finery.


It's not the first time a bride and groom have been fun-loving enough to hop up on the bar and dance, and it probably won't be the last. It's always fun when the couple is part of the extended Sandbar family though. 

Congratulations to Chris and his new bride, and Hayley's family!