Sandbar Tee in the Bahamas

Long-time regular customer Molly recently went to the Bahamas (we're really jealous) and took her Sandbar shirt along for the obligatory photo opp.

Here's her story:

I had been planning on this trip since January, I went to get my passport for it and everything! My cousin Tyler and his fiance Annie planned a destination wedding for April 30, 2011 and I was so happy to be able to go! I went down the Thursday before with members of my extended family and we all made a vacation out of it. (How could we not, it was The Bahamas!)

One week before we were scheduled to fly out, I, being the obvious animated klutz that I am, tripped and broke the first bone to ever be broken in my body, my right wrist. I decided when getting my cast to 1. splurge and get the waterproof version (for obvious reasons – the pool) and 2. get the brightest color I could, no point in getting down while in such a tropical place! So I went with bright yellow - cast was hidden in many of the trip pictures – especially the wedding photos. 🙂

It didn't get in the way of my fun though, we got to visit Atlantis, walk through street markets they call "Straw Markets," ride around Paradise Island on a glass bottom boat, and lounge on the white sand beaches! The wedding was Saturday at sunset, right on the beach and was perfect! Tyler and Annie are so happy, and we were all so happy we got to be a part of their special day, while at the same time having a vacation with our family that was amazing!

My Sandbar picture was taken at the gazebo where we had the rehersal dinner at our hotel, right behind me is the beach that we played on all weekend! Thanks for letting me share my fun trip with you!

Here's a couple more pictures of the Bahamas that Molly sent us, so you can be jealous too:

Pool Sea