Sandbar Art

Today was the annual Fall Arts & Crafts Festival in South Park in downtown Lawrence. This year, we found something we weren't expecting- the Sandbar!

One of the first booths Dave & I stopped to visit was full of gorgeous artwork depicting local images- downtown, KU and other scenes around town. A giant canvas of the Sandbar caught our attention right away. 

After further investigating this booth, we discovered that the artist also happened to be our wedding photographer- Robbin Loomas of Sterling Image. We loved her then, and we really love what she's doing now: a style of digital art that blends photography, painting and technology.

According to her website, the work begins as a photograph and then she uses a combination of digital tools to transform it into something new, leading people to wonder if it's a photograph or a painting. It's a little bit of both.

We bought several cards- one with the Sandbar, of course, and a few others with images of KU, Sunflower Bike Shop and a cool scene of a bicyclist pedaling down Massachusetts. She had lots of different sizes of the images available, and one day we hope to own the Sandbar canvas!


Pretty cool artwork, huh? Visit her website to see some of the other images available- you'll recognize a lot of them!