Jimmy Buffett + Sandbar

This is a guest blog from Jeremy Allen, a long-time Sandbar and Jimmy Buffett fan who traveled to Wisconsin to see our hero this summer.

Greetings from Margaritaville! 

These pictures were taken at the
Jimmy Buffett Concert in East Troy, WI at the Alpine Valley concert
venue on June 26, 2010.  As you can see, we were dressed for the
occasion! All of us are KU grads and we all LOVE the Sandbar so our
T-shirt choice was a no-brainer.

This trip was a first for some and a sixth or seventh for a select few
die-hard Parrotheads. Personally, this was my fourth trip up north to
Alpine Valley with my friends and I must say that it was a huge
success.  The weather was nice and hot, the Parrotheads were friendly,
and the music took everyone to a very happy place.  AND the Boat Drinks
and Hurricanes were plentiful!

Thanks Debbi and Dave!




This was a large group of friends in Sandbar shirts! A couple of them already had shirts, but Jeremy ordered some for the others as a surprise. We gave a group discount for the large order, so if you're interested in a similar deal let us know.

Thanks Jeremy and friends for wearing our shirts at the Buffett show, we're glad you had fun and wish we could have been there with you!