Happy One Week Anniversary to Heather!

Well, the one week anniversary was actually yesterday, but whatever. Bartender Heather and her new hubby Ken have been married for a week! And they've been off soaking up the sun in Hawaii while the rest of deal with this unpredictable Kansas weather.

The wedding last Saturday was held at the Adams Alumni Center on the KU campus. Heather is a KU alum, and the groom- well, let's just say he's not. He's a Nebraska fan, and arrived at the wedding with a giant blow up Cornhusker in tow. It was tied around the Jayhawk statue in front of the building for a brief time, until the helpful staff at the Alumni Center assisted with removal.

After the wedding, the bride and groom made a brief stop at The Sandbar for pictures. Fitting, since they became engaged on the bar last year. They didn't get on the bar this time- large wedding dresses tend to make that difficult- but we took some pictures downstairs and also upstairs on the fake beach.


Next stop, the fabulous wedding reception at the Lawrence Country Club. Rumor around the club was that this was the biggest event they've seen in ten years- and I believe it. Lots of people, loads of great food, and the drinks were flowing.

The dance floor stayed packed, too. You probably notice that at most weddings, people have to be dragged on to the dance floor with a silly snowball dance, and the only people who actually stay on the dance floor are the little kids. Not this wedding. Young and old alike were dancing up a storm all night. Sandbar staff Dave, Tyler, and Andrew (Fyler not Madl) entertained the masses with their stellar moves.

When the reception finally wrapped up late that night, lots of us traveled to The Sandbar to cap off the evening. It was busy there, too.

Overall, it was a beautiful and fun day. Congratulations to Heather and Ken, we are all so happy for you!