Happy Homecoming, Sandbar Jayhawks!

Hey friends!

In case you haven't heard, this weekend is KU's annual Homecoming. It also happens to be the 100th Homecoming on the Hill, which is a pretty big deal.

You know we love a good parade, and even though we don't have a float in this one, be sure to check out the Homecoming parade. It's on Friday night this year, which is a good thing since the football game kicks off early at 11 a.m. And if you aren't partying with us on our Rocky Horror Picture Show haunted bus extravagana, then you might as well check out the parade.

After the parade, make your way to the Adams Alumni Center for a pep rally. Our buddy Scott is going to be the DJ, and they'll have all the usual pep rally stuff like the band and cheerleaders.

And then, come see us! The Lawrence Bar Band is headed out on the town again, and according to their Twitter account, they'll be making some extra surprise stops Friday night. Follow them for more information.

The bar will be B-U-S-Y on Friday night, so get here early and be prepared to stand in line. And it'll be busy on Saturday, too. Tailgate in the morning, enjoy the game and then come downtown to eat, drink and shop.

Happy Homecoming, Jayhawks!

Plaza Grill & Cinema in Ottawa, Kansas

Are you looking for something fun to do on family night? A new option for date night? Don't want to drive to Kansas City for dinner and a movie at one of their snazzy movie theaters?

Check out the Plaza Grill and Cinema, just a short drive south of Lawrence in Ottawa.

Sandbar founder Peach bought the historic movie theater in Ottawa several years ago and has renovated it.  Today, the theater has two big screens and also houses a restaurant.

Every Monday is dinner and a movie night. For only $9.99, you can enjoy dinner from the extensive menu as well as a movie. There are daily matinees for just $5.75 per ticket before 7 p.m., and on Tuesdays you can get matinee pricing all day. Senior citizens can enjoy $5 movie tickets all day on Wednesdays. You can also rent out the theater for parties or other events. Click here for movie specials.

For those of you looking for a great date night, check out the Prime Rib Fridays. For $15 per person, you can enjoy a prime rib dinner and a movie.

If you don't have time for a movie, you can still stop by for something to eat. The grill is open from 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday through Thursday, noon-11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and noon-9 p.m. on Sunday. Click here to see the menu. Catering options are also available.




Ottawa is a great little town and it's a short drive. Try something new and check out Peach's theater! This is where we go every Halloween for our Rocky Horror Picture Show extravaganza. Maybe one of these days we'll put together a bus trip for dinner and a movie?

You can also keep up with the Plaza Grill and Cinema on Facebook and Twitter.

A Very Sandbar Halloween

Another Halloween has come and gone! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, because we love to dress up in costumes.

Friday night was our annual Rocky Horror Picture Show party bus extravaganza, and there were plenty of costumes that night. Saturday night was the big Halloween party, even though the actual holiday was still two days away. We saw lots of great costumes again on Saturday!


Dave takes his costumes very seriously and loves to come up with new and creative ideas. He's definitely not one to buy a pre-packaged costume off the shelf- he'd rather put his own costume together with finds from places like the Antique Mall, Fun & Games and the costume closet in his basement. (Yes, there is a costume closet in his basement.)

20111029_halloween_0009This year, he was Scot Pollard, former KU and NBA basketball player. He grew out his facial hair, attached
a ponytail and painted his fingernails black. The only flaw in his costume was the number on his jersey, but otherwise he made a pretty good Pollard. And that's the real Scot in the photo above with Dave- another awesome costume.

Bartender Blair also decided to dress up as a real person- Friday bartender Phil. He might look like Santa on a tropical vacation, or even White Owl, but he's supposed to be Phil, albeit more of a hippy Phil than real Phil. Blair opted not to trim the wig and beard.

Some of the other costumes we saw on Saturday: bartender Heather as Elvira (and doorguy Nathan is such a youngster he didn't even know who Elvira was); Pocahontas; Mario & Luigi; various superheroes; Ace Ventura; a mermaid; and a cupcake.

Monday night rolled around and gave us a third night of Halloween costumes, and it was a busy night. Thanks to everyone who still felt like partying after a busy holiday weekend!


Halloween at The Sandbar

We're mostly recovered from the long Halloween weekend- our party bus extravaganza, the pre-party on Saturday and the actual holiday Sunday.

We recapped our Rocky Horror festivities already, and you can find pictures on our Facebook page and Flickr. Unfortunately, your reporter on all things Sandbar was tired on Saturday, so I didn't take very many pictures of the Halloween party. 

Dave, as usual, came up with a fantastic and unique idea: a rodeo clown. Complete with a cut-off pair of size 62 jeans, rainbow suspenders and face paint. Andrew was a nerd; John was a Top Gun character. Almost everyone in the bar was in costume, too. We had cheerleaders, baseball players, Lucille Ball, Dora the Explorer, Fred Flintstone and a viking woman. Princess Leia and Obi-Wan-Kenobi even made an appearance. As usual, we forgot to do any sort of costume contest. As usual, no one noticed.


Halloween night, sadly, was slow. We had some repeat customers from the night before, and even some folks who wore three different costumes, three nights in a row. Bartender Fyler was a shark! Apparently his mom made a shark costume for him long before he ever worked at the Sandbar; it must be fate.

Best costume of the weekend, from my perspective: Tom and Kara as Angry Birds, even though they didn't actually stop by the Sandbar. But they made the costumes themselves, and at the last minute on Saturday.


For those of you unfamiliar with Angry Birds, it's an apparently highly-addictive game you can play on a smartphone.

We'd love to see your Halloween pictures. E-mail them to us at sandbar@thesandbar.com, or upload them to our Facebook page.

Birthdays and Other Weekend Fun

The last few days have been a flurry of activity and hurricane snow at The Sandbar!

Thursday was bartender Hayley's 23rd birthday. Hayley is one of our newest employees but she's actually been here for about a year and a half.

A random group of friends and assorted Sandbar staff helped her celebrate. Of course there was a birthday hurricane involved:

20091203_hayley birthday_0002 20091203_hayley birthday_0003 

And then on Friday night, it was Bettina's turn to be the birthday girl. She was determined to wear the mermaid costume this year after another birthday girl beat her to it last year.

Heather even stuck around after her shift was over and danced on the bar.

20091204_bettina birthday_0019 20091204_bettina birthday_0029 

That wasn't all, though- for a Friday night that was relatively light on customers, there was still a lot of activity.

Our friend Ashley was back in town for a visit this weekend. She moved to Baltimore almost a year ago, but she's been back to visit a few times. Dave made this Tennessee native's night when he played "Rocky Top" on the jukebox near the end of the night. 

A group of sorority girls on a senior pub crawl stopped by for a visit before they made their way down Mass Street.

And, my day-job friend Lacey brought in a few friends to celebrate her last few days in Lawrence. She's hitting the road for Fort Worth and TCU next week to start a new job. Everyone needs a hurricane to send them off in style.

20091204_bettina birthday_0030 20091204_bettina birthday_0033 

And that was just Thursday and Friday. Who knows what will happen tonight when Ashley hits the bar again!

More pictures on our Flickr photostream and our Facebook page.