Last weekend, a couple of lovely ladies had some problems with the bathroom.

They went to the bathroom together, as we all know girls are prone to do. Next thing Dave knew, another girl came up to the bar to let him know that some girls were stuck in the bathroom.

He got the key- fortunately we have a key (that he could find) that unlocks the door from the outside- and went to unlock the door. Honestly, he thought the lock must have been messed up somehow if they couldn't get it open, so he was afraid the key wouldn't work.

It worked.

The girls were free of the bathroom. Dave realized then that they were trying to unlock the wrong lock.

See, every once in awhile the lock on the door breaks, and he has to install a new one. Sometimes it's at normal door handle level, and other times the lock is up high.

However, every time the lock is moved (and it hasn't been moved for quite some time), Dave is careful to write on the door and clearly mark where the new lock is:


Not really sure what lock they were trying to unlock. Maybe they just needed a bartender to come to their rescue?